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Peter Richan

"Working with Peter at Buckeye Recording has been great. His knowledge, efficiency, professionalism, attention to detail, personality, and great ears have made recording projects with him really wonderful. Music is such a personal thing - I find it difficult to let people get involved with something that I've spent a lot of time creating. But having worked with Peter a lot, I always really trust his approach and I'm interested in his input. . . . I would recommend his studio before any other studio in Philly."

matt davis/aerial photograph

"I don't really consider my music exceptionally out-there but it is very personal. At Peter's studio that can be realized by his knowledge and personality. His own involvement, coming to performances and rehearsals to prepare, keeping the recording itself on schedule, and keeping each take light while pushing for alternate takes when needed, all were very helpful. The studio itself is big, comfortable, and always seems to have a new feature . . . reverb rooms, upright piano or more baffles. The mixing process was diligent, informative and immensely important to the sound of my most recent recording. I have recorded 4 times with Peter, all different circumstances and each has had comparable success. I have every reason to record with him a 5th time."
daniel t. peterson

"Good times at Buckeye Recording! I've recorded with Peter both as a member of a band (Kandy Whales) and as a producer, making music for various theater productions. As a guitarist, I enjoy recording at the Buckeye because, as a result of Peter's great ear and technical preparation, I am able to concentrate fully on the playing in the moment and, of course, the vibe of that big room is fantastic; a really great place to play an instrument. When I work at the Buckeye as a producer, I always value Peter's collaboration and perspective. We've made some good trax and we have plans to make more in the future. Check it out.
christopher colucci

From the musicians perspective, I think the best thing about recording with Peter is that his audio expertise and musicality will allow you be the band you are, even if you didn't quite realize you were that band when you began recording. This is a very good thing. And the array of fine bourbons doesn't hurt, either.
chris devenny/new pony blues band