Peter Richan established Buckeye Recording in 2004 as a place to create and record music in an inspiring and nurturing atmosphere, re-inventing the paradigm of what a recording studio could be. He strives to bring out the very best of everyone that comes to the Buckeye, making sure that hard work and productivity is always a joyful experience.

Located in the building that housed the historic Buckeye Bar, Buckeye Recording Studio in Philadelphia is a hybrid analog/digital studio with a large 25'X50'X11' cutting room, and uses a combination of modified/rebuilt vintage analog gear and cutting edge digital technology.

"The most important thing for the artist is to feel free to express the original vision of the work, not to become lost in the technical minutia of the process. So many studios you walk into you are met with racks of gear, huge consoles, thousands of dials and lights . . . all very impressive but quite detrimental to actually recording your music 'well'.

—Peter Richan, Producer/Engineer/Owner


$350 per day

Engineer, data back-up and storage included in day rate